Thomas Drago

Actor, Author, Husband, Father, Awesome.

Thomas Drago is the author of See Nike Run, Raised on Rock, and the Crow Creek series. He teaches drama and English in North Carolina. He attended Northern Arizona University. He has published poems, song lyrics, and short stories, appearing most recently in The Explorer, a local literary magazine. He's a member of the American Theatre Group and the American Film Institute.

Selected Works


“Close Encounter” - short story

“Richie Gets Crushed” - short story

“What I Am” - song

See Nike Run - novel, Gold Avenue Press


“How We Find Out” - short story

Raised on Rock - novel, Gold Avenue Press

"Shooter" - short story, STC Fight the Real Monsters



"The Day Tom Petty Dies" - short story, The Explorer (2nd place)

Souvenir - novella

“The Fiddler” - short story

"The Ferryman" - short story



"A Fine Mess" - one-act play, Studio 1

"Laundry Room" - short story, The Explorer (T-1st place)

"Flesh Trade" - short story



Winter - novel, Gold Avenue Press

"Ferris Wheel" - short story, Writer's Digest (honorable mention)

"Cat's Eye" - short story, The Explorer (1st place)



Queensboro - novel, Gold Avenue Press

"Suburban Din" - short story, Cahoots



Crow Creek - novel, Gold Avenue Press

“Gentle Hands” - short story, The Explorer (editor's choice)



Baby Ray (with Nancy Drago) - screenplay

Memoir of a Midlife Crisis - novel

“Nothing Left to Say About Love and Marriage” - one-act play



“(I’m) Not So Ready” - song


“Christmas in New York” - poem

The Last Bitter Hour - novel



Frankenstein - full-length play adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel



Points South (with Alexis Drago) - novel



“Doctor Kempelen’s Expected Arrival” - short story, Dark Horizons

“Mark Twain and the Art of Satire” - essay

“Raise the Dead” (with Dan Drago) - song lyrics, The Furnace



“Cool” - short story, Black Petals

“Hug a Tree” - short story, Black Petals

“Jay Street - Borough Hall” - one-act play



“Contemporary Horror Fiction” - essay, NAU Master’s Thesis

Waiting for Darkness - novella, NAU Master’s Thesis



“The Witch” (with Dan Drago) - song lyrics, Damien Thorne

“King of All Time (with Dan Drago) - song lyrics, Damien Thorne


“Allison” - short story

The Golden Greek - teleplay

Jordan - novella



“Her Lips Suck Forth My Soul” - poem

Samantha - novel



“The Born” - short story

“Fame and Fortune” - short story

“Father Dex” - short story

“Hanging” - short story

“Uncle Geoff” - short story

“When the Vultures Come Back” - short story



Life at the Post - full-length play

“Miss Sidley” - one-act play adaptation of Stephen King’s short story “Suffer the Little Children”

“The Taming of the Lewd” - one-act play

“Tuesday in New York” - one-act play



“Desires” - short story

“The Journal” - short story,  Fact or Fiction

“Perri” - short story

“Sinned We All” - short story, Fact or Fiction



“An Account of Strange Events on Genesis Avenue” - short story

“Harvey the Magician” - short story

“The Piano Man of Philly Falls” - short story

“The Troll in Magadan’s Market” - short story



“The Cart of the Dead II: It Takes You Away” - short story

“The Cart of the Dead III: Violence is Golden” - short story

“The Cave Beneath the Church” (with Stephen Gill) - short story, Signatures

“Death of a Postman” - poem, Signatures

“The Glove” (with Stephen Gill) - short story

“Grandma at Her Post” - short story

The Land of the Dead Pumpkins - novel

“Mac” (with Tom McCabe) - short story

“The Mask” - short story




“The Aftermath of Usher” - short story

“The Cart of the Dead: The Struggle of Burying” - short story, Signatures

“The Green Method” (with Scott Williams) - short story

“The Inside” - short story

“A Matter of Taste” - short story

There Are No Cobwebs in the Attic (with Scott Williams) - novella

“A Warlock Walks” - short story

“There’s Something Smiling at Your Veins” - short story

“The Tower” - short story

“Zachary” - short story



“The Basement” - short story

“The Brandy Snifter” - short story

“A Case of a Madman” - short story

“A Long, Long Distance Dedication” - poem

“Night Stranger” - short story

“The TV Terrestrial” - short story

The Walker - novel



“A Blade Too Short” - short story

“She Tended to Her Garden” - short story



“The Unwelcome Party” - short story