Thomas Drago

Actor, Author, Husband, Father, Awesome.

Thomas Drago is the author of See Nike Run, Raised on Rock, and the Crow Creek series. He teaches drama and English in North Carolina. He attended Northern Arizona University. He has published poems, song lyrics, and short stories, appearing most recently in The Explorer, a local literary magazine. He's a member of the American Theatre Group and the American Film Institute.

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See Nike Run
By Thomas Drago

We all pretend to be somebody we’re not. In our real lives. Online. Everywhere. We create identities and hide behind them. Sometimes because we want to. Most times because we have no choice.

When Nike, an Instagram fetish model, returns home from a weekend trip to the Florida Keys, she finds herself haunted by the insidious Mr. Silk, who believes she devised an online scam to steal his money. Caught in a web of illusion and deceit, Nike solicits help from Seth, a married college professor who spoils her with gifts despite his wife’s growing concern over the strength and fate of their marriage. Their unconventional love triangle, shaped by the forces of good and evil, reveals the constant need to reimagine ourselves in a world where individuals are easily manipulated and lies become the truth.