Thomas Drago

Actor, Author, Husband, Father, Awesome.

Thomas Drago is the author of See Nike Run, Raised on Rock, and the Crow Creek series. He teaches drama and English in North Carolina. He attended Northern Arizona University. He has published poems, song lyrics, and short stories, appearing most recently in The Explorer, a local literary magazine. He's a member of the American Theatre Group and the American Film Institute.

Raised on Rock by Thomas Drago

“Drago is a talented writer who uses language discerningly and does a great job with composing dialogue, perfectly matching it to his characters and their distinctive personalities.”

- The BookLife Prize from Publisher’s Weekly (9.5/10)

Raised on Rock
By Thomas Drago

Music inspires. Defines who we are. Taps and unlocks the essence of what makes us human.

Restless in small-town North Carolina, Dante Rose breathes rock and roll. Has done so since the early days. Since forming his garage band in high school. The band now broken and apart. The one he fights to put back together.

His devoted wife Penny, supporting every career move, hopes Dante can make something big happen for them. Something real. But she harbors a secret. The sacrifice she made when they were young. The choice almost nobody knew about. Not even Dante.

Lead guitarist Joe Mars knew. And now he’s the only thing standing in Dante’s way.

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The BookLife Prize from Publishers Weekly

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